Dating a girl 17 years younger

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Yeah, you're gonna get some raised eyebrows but how you two handle that will depend on how strong of a relationship you create.

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I figure if both of you are ok with it, then go for it. Okay back to cycling, did you know about the Leadville 100? Think about 10 or 20 years time - what will you be talking about? EXACT same written post just different sex's asking.... Gosh, I hate it when men refer to women as "girls". LOL There's so much in the way of trails around here it's great, and we have I think the largest bike park in Alberta now, with the new stuff that's been added. Elsbethlett: You've been on this site for a hell of a long time without any dates at all. Just make damn sure you double bag it...that age is REALLLLLLLLY able to get pregnant easily, and she might be lookin for a sugar daddy. Just for the record, OP is an equal opportunity employer. And he's not tall enough to hang curtain rods without a ladder........ A woman asked the same question here and everyone said go foooorr it. But, the age gap thing works for a lot of folk, it seems. I just read the exact same post but from a woman who met a man at a club and he's 16yr younger and he lives close to her???? Okay back to cycling, did you know about the Leadville 100? I usually do around 14 miles a day, trails instead of road. :) Unfortunately, I'm not into spandex and bicycle helmets.I guess when the right guy comes along, this won’t happen, but I feel very discouraged and am not sure any more where to look to meet anyone.How does one navigate this “glass ceiling” of aging? Dear Fran, Here’s the deal with middle-aged men online; they may post that they’re looking for much younger women, but you can actually ignore that little tidbit of information and write to them anyway.

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