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Most SMTP server names are written in the form "" or "": for example, a Gmail account will refer to smtp. The following C# source code shows how to send an email from a Gmail address using SMTP server.It is usually used with one of two other protocols, POP3 or IMAP, that let the user save messages in a server mailbox and download them periodically from the server. The section below shows the snippets of code that needed to be changed. The only other section of code that needs to be changed is Smtp Client, and this determines the SMTP mail relay server and what port it is listening on. Once the files have been extracted, open them up in your preferred version of Visual Web Developer Express by clicking on File Open Project:3.As you can see from the above you need to change mail Message. In my case it is localhost as the SMTP mail relay runs on the same server as the web application and runs on port 25. Locate the files you just extracted in Step 1 above, then select Web Forms and click Open:4.Possible Reasons: The maximum emails per hour has been exceeded.This can be caused by forw Instructions for restting your Email Account's Password through c Panel or Webmail General Instructions on how to use the spam folder with webmail Instructions for setting up email signatures in webmail Configuring your email client: Outlook 2003 Learn how to check your email accounts from within Gmail.Most email software is designed to use SMTP for communication purposes when sending email that only works for outgoing messages.

In this post I will demonstrate how to test your SMTP mail relay server on Windows Server 2012 using an email web form application in 15 EASY STEPS. NET 4.0 and C# code and will emulate how a typical web application running on IIS sends emails via a mail relay.

However, the site-wide and personal contact forms do not work as those emails are being sent from the user's email address and not the smtp default address. As I said, any system generated emails are being sent from that address and authenticate correctly through our mail server.

However, if a user goes to the site-wide or personal contact page, they put their email in the from address and the server does not authenticate this so the email cannot be sent. I think this is not a issue, this is simply restriction from server side.

If the SMTP mail relay runs on another server change the code to reflect it’s fully qualified domain name or IP address and the port it is listening on. Once the project has opened, go to the Solution Explorer in the far right pane and expand Web Form1and double-click on Web Form1cs:5. Scroll down to the relevant section and change mail Message. Hold down CTRL S keys on your keyboard to save the changes you just made in the previous step.

Mail Message mail Message = new Mail Message(); mail Message. From to reflect who the email will be from and mail Message. Then right click on Web Forms Demo in the Solution Explorer and select Publish:7.

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